Android current OS is not safe anymore.

Growth and the increasing number of users Android OS Android in 2011 the "confirmed" the criminals to make a virus and become a "field" after the new Microsoft operating system that begins with the appearance of Trojans that exploit the popularity of the game Android.plankton Angry Bird, it is proving Android  current OS is not safe anymore.

Logically this is a matter of time, because the malware authors will try to attack the most popular OS. Currently most malware is still attacking the Windows OS, but look at the popularity of Android, the makers of the malware seems to be tempted to attack this OS.

Along with the launch of the latest version of Angry Birds with the name of Angry Birds Rio, where such games are usually obtained for free on Android Market (both Android phones and tablets) only gives the amount (level) the game is limited because the level of the others are still locked .

This is where malware authors see the gap and act by making an application under the name "Angry Birds Rio Unlock" that promise to unlock all the hidden levels in the game Angry Birds Rio.
Many things can be done by the virus android one of them is going to send an SMS to premium numbers which will drain your phone pulses, Downloading other applications without the owner DeviceID device, and send the data, the version of the SDK (Software Development Kit) and information about the permissions of the file to a server that has been provided trojan maker.
posted by : Ranger Putih
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